It is a broadly known fact that every woman dreams of beautiful, strong and spectacularly long hair. In order to obtain such effects we reach for many different products, which are supposed to boost the growth of hair and take care of the proper nutrition of the scalp. Among all kinds of products that are available on the market in the hair care department, castor oil is especially recommended. Its beneficial features have been commonly known for centuries. How to use castor oil on your hair?

hair.jpgNourishing your hair with oil is a popular method that can be done in various ways. However, not every oil performs on the hair in the same way. Castor oil may dry your skin and hair, and even increase the unwanted hair loss problem. Remember that it will only happens when the oil is used improperly. Here are a few basic rules when it comes to the use of castor oil without harming your hair.

1. Castor oil is more beneficial when used on scalp than on hair.

When it comes to oiling the entire length of the hair, castor oil should not be your first choice. It is worth remembering, that it is rather hard to spread on the hair without causing any damage to it. The density of castor oil makes it better suited for oiling only your scalp. Thanks to this, it is able to stimulate bulbs and make their work more effective. Additionally, we cannot omit the fact that the oil applied to the whole length of the hair can cause frizz or dryness.

2. Castor oil should not be used on the hair ends.

In reference to the previously mentioned point, we must emphasise one very important matter. Castor oil should not be applied on the ends of your hair. Due to the fact, that it is a rather heavy and greasy oil, it may bring opposite effects to what we desire. It will not only not protect our hair with a light coating but also weight it down and make it become greasy much faster. What is more, pure castor oil can cause harsh dryness of your strands and this is the thing we are trying to avoid.

3. To put castor oil on the whole hair, it must be combined with another oil.

Castor oil can also be successfully used all over the entire length, although, there is a special trick not to cause any damage to your hair. In order to do that, it is necessary to mix a part of castor oil with another base oil of your preference. The second oil must provide moisturising effects to protect your hair from drying, for example sweet almond oil, coconut, jojoba or olive oil.

4. Castor oil works better when combined with other cosmetics.

Despite everything, the safest way to include castor oil in your daily hair care is to combine it with other cosmetics. It is a great idea to enrich your favourite masks or conditioners by adding a few drops of the oil. Additionally, castor oil it is one of the key ingredients when it comes to homemade masks. The most popular recipe for a handmade mask is castor oil mixed with lemon juice and egg yolk.